FPI brings together the entire value chain from raw material and machinery suppliers to packaging converters to foodservice distributors and finally foodservice operators/retailers. FPI’s supplier and converter members represent approximately 90 percent of the market in North America. These companies pay annual dues to the association and receive full benefits.

FPI’s distributor and operator/retailer members do not pay any dues to the association. They receive FPI’s newsletters, may participate in FPI’s events and best of all, can use FPI as a resource for all their questions related to foodservice packaging. It is FPI’s policy to comply with antitrust laws and all laws applicable to the activities of organizations such as ours.

Our Core Value

FPI is committed to providing a legal forum to promote the responsible use of all foodservice packaging.

Our Vision

FPI will be recognized as the leading authority on foodservice packaging in North American by the industry and its value chain partners, stakeholders and others.

Our Mission

In a cost-effective and transparent manner for members, FPI seeks to:

  • Encourage the responsible use of all foodservice packaging through promotion of its benefits and members’ products
  • Serve as the voice of the industry to educate and influence stakeholders
  • Provide a legal forum to address the challenges and opportunities facing the foodservice packaging industry

Our Activities

  • Advocate for the interests of the industry, including the responsible manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of its products
  • Collect, maintain and disseminate accurate facts and science-based information related to the industry and its products
  • Communicate the value and benefits of foodservice packaging to internal and external audiences
  • Promote members’ products and identify potential new business opportunities
  • Offer compliance and develop technical services
  • Bring together customers and suppliers
  • Listen to our FPI member orientation webinar for additional details on membership activities for converters and suppliers

Our Dues

Converters and supplier members pay dues based on their companies’ sales in North America of/to foodservice packaging according to the following schedule:

  • Sales
  • $9 million and under
  • $10 – $19 million
  • $20 – $29 million
  • $30 – $39 million
  • $40 – $49 million
  • $50 – $74 million
  • $75 – $99 million
  • $100 – $499 million
  • $500 – $999 million
  • $1 billion and over
  • Dues
  • $4,796
  • $7,194
  • $10,191
  • $13,352
  • $16,350
  • $19,347
  • $25,615
  • $31,625
  • $37,950
  • $44,000*

*Plus $2,750 for each additional $500 million over $1 billion.

Foodservice distributors and operators/retailers are not required to pay dues.

Potential converter and supplier members, please contact Natha Dempsey by email or phone at (571) 255-4212 for more information on FPI membership, to sign up for a FREE trial membership or for a membership application.

Potential distributor and operator members, please click here for details on FPI’s FREE affiliate membership.  Contact Jennifer Goldman by email or phone at (571) 255-4213 to sign up.

Interested in becoming an FPI member?