About FPI

Founded in 1933, the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) is the leading authority for the North American foodservice packaging industry. FPI encourages the responsible use of all foodservice packaging through promotion of its benefits and members’ products. Serving as the voice of the industry to educate and influence stakeholders, FPI provides a legal forum to address the challenges and opportunities facing the foodservice packaging industry.

Our Members

FPI’s core members are foodservice packaging manufacturers and their raw material and machinery suppliers. FPI includes approximately 90 percent of the entire industry in North America.

FPI also offers a free membership to commercial and non-commercial foodservice operators and distributors, and there are currently over 120 restaurants, convenience stores, contract managers, school districts, colleges and universities taking advantage of this offer.

A complete list of our members may be found here.

Our Activities

FPI provides numerous benefits to its members, such as:

  • Promoting the value and benefits of foodservice packaging
  • Encouraging the responsible use of foodservice packaging, mitigating any unintended consequences on the environment
  • Serving as the voice of the industry to educate and influence stakeholders
  • Providing a legal forum for the foodservice packaging value chain to network and collaborate

Story Ideas

FPI fields numerous inquiries from media, but also offers story ideas based on a variety of audiences and editorial content guidelines. Click here for different ideas to consider.

Open to the Media

FPI encourages media to learn more about FPI:

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