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The Voice of the Foodservice Packaging Industry


  • What Goes Around, Comes Around

    What Goes Around, Comes Around|11/20/2020

    2020 has been an unprecedented year. We’re living in a COVID world and the impact of the pandemic has been felt globally, touching nearly every aspect of life — including the 2020 Trends Report! More than a ‘trend setter,’ this year is more accurately a ‘trend accelerator.’ Every year we collect opinions from companies throughout the […]

  • Legislation – What is Going on with Foodservice Packaging?

    Legislation – What is Going on with Foodservice Packaging?|10/20/2020

    Despite a global pandemic, and economic downturn, high priority policy issues have continued to advance through the political process. These proposals have the ability to dramatically alter our industry and our customer’s supply chains. The past months have challenged our industry in new ways – online testimonies, virtual advocacy, and the emphasis of clear and […]

  • #FPIFall2020 – FPI is Going Virtual

    #FPIFall2020 – FPI is Going Virtual|9/15/2020

    This past spring, we at FPI had to do the unthinkable and cancel our spring conference due to COVID-19 (You can read our blog post about that here.).  At the time, we thought we would put all of our focus on our fall conference in New Orleans.  However, as soon as June rolled around, it […]

  • What’s Your ROI on FPI?

    What’s Your ROI on FPI?|8/18/2020

    Every year, we ask our members to decide whether or not they will continue to support FPI. Every year, we hope members see their return on investment – and want to continue to invest.  This year, in what might be the strangest year on record for most of us, FPI is still working to deliver […]

  • Takeout Packaging Remains Prevalent During Pandemic

    Takeout Packaging Remains Prevalent During Pandemic|7/14/2020

    As restrictions begin to loosen up in many states, restaurants are reopening and folks can now dine at their favorite restaurants. This all comes with certain boundaries, though, such as limited capacities, social distancing procedures, proper employee protocols, indoor vs. outdoor dining, etc. Yet, even with lessening of regulations, one thing that has remained consistent […]