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FPI Conferences: Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

Do my dues cover registration fees?
FPI dues do not include registration fees.

Can non-member companies attend an FPI conference?
FPI's conferences are only open to member companies. However, companies that are interested in joining FPI may attend one conference on a complimentary basis. This request must be approved by FPI. A maximum of two individuals from each potential member company may attend. Additional attendees may attend and pay the regular registration rate to help cover conference costs.

For member company registrations, is there a limit on how many from my company may attend?
No, there is no limit.

Do I get a discount if more than one person from my company attends?
At this point, there are no discounts for multiple registrations.

If I am only attending one day of the conference, can I get a discounted rate?
We do not offer pricing on a per-day basis for our meetings.

Are hotel reservations made automatically with FPI registration?
No, you must make your own reservations following the instructions on the "Hotel Information" page. Hotel charges are not included with your FPI registration.

May I bring my spouse with me to the conference?
Absolutely – just be sure to register your spouse. Check registration for the rate applicable for each meeting (the rate varies.) Spouse registration includes all official conference food & beverage events, unless indicated otherwise. It does not include any committee meeting food functions.

Questions On Events to Attend/Eligibility

Can I attend the Board of Directors meeting?
This meeting is only for the elected Board of Directors, and meeting details are communicated directly to those members.

Can I attend the Semi-Annual Member meeting?
All attendees are encouraged to attend to get updates on FPI activities.

Can I attend the Paper Recovery Alliance and Plastics Recovery Group Meeting and/or the MRF or composting facility tour (when offered)?
These events are limited to members of this self-funded FPI group, which requires an additional membership fee, unless stated otherwise. Not sure if your company is a member? Click  here to see the company list.

Which breakfast should I attend at the fall conference?

  • Egg Packaging and Food Packaging Tray Divisions breakfast meeting - for converters of egg packaging or food packaging trays.
  • Supplier Division Breakfast Meeting - for suppliers of raw materials or machinery
  • Breakfast for all other attendees - this is for all others who do not fall into the above categories.  This breakfast is not formatted as a meeting, and is a networking event. 


What is the dress code at FPI conferences?
The dress code is always business casual, unless stated otherwise. Occasionally, some events may require a different dress code, but this information will be communicated to attendees.

Do attendees receive copies of presentations from the conferences?
Yes, presentations approved by presenters for distribution are posted on FPI’s conference page following each conference and take approximately one week to post. Presentations are available to all members – even those who were unable to attend. You must log into the website to view (if you forgot your login, simply click the login button and click the prompt to send your password).

If you have additional questions, please send us an  email.