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The Voice of the Foodservice Packaging Industry


  • The Packaging Awards are Back!

    The Packaging Awards are Back!|6/4/2019

    Although it feels like we were just announcing the winners for the 2017 Packaging Awards, it’s actually been nearly two years! So, once again, it’s time to announce the opening of the 10th bi-annual Foodservice Packaging Awards. Yes, you read that correctly. This is the 10th Foodservice Packaging Awards competition, supported by FPI and QSR […]

  • Understanding Consumer Perceptions on Foodservice Packaging

    Understanding Consumer Perceptions on Foodservice Packaging|5/21/2019

    It’s no secret that working at FPI means we tend to live and breathe all things foodservice packaging. But, despite our knowledge of this industry and the ways people within the industry view it, we still didn’t know if we really understood how consumers think about the cup holding their on-the-go coffee or the Chinese […]