Back to School: Time for Math, Science and Foodservice Packaging

We’ve never been so happy to see children across the nation heading back to in-person learning after being mostly virtual since the onset of the pandemic. While schools were closed, many districts offered mobile food programs to provide breakfast and lunch. Yet, did these children know that when they sat down to eat their lunch that is was packaged using single-use foodservice packaging? Or did they simply dive in and enjoy?

A few years ago, we partnered with Young Minds Inspired to help educate our youth on foodservice packaging while still helping teachers meet their curriculum goals. Together, we created an educational program for students in fourth through sixth grades. The activities explore single-use foodservice packaging usage, encourage recycling/composting and teach about sustainability.

We thought this was a great opportunity for teachers to add depth to their lessons, and an easy way for students to learn about our products. If you can educate students on the what, why and how of foodservice packaging, they’ll have a better understanding of why it’s a smart choice for sanitation, safety and environmental reasons.

The downloadable program is available for free. It includes a one-page teacher’s instruction guide along with two activities for students that promote deeper-level thinking and discussion, and enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and English language arts classroom education — what are known as STEM and ELA curriculums.

The interactive activities include scenarios that help students understand:
• How and why foodservice packaging was invented.
• How foodservice packaging compares to reusable products in different circumstances.
• The factors related to sanitation, safety, cost, convenience and the environment.

At FPI and within our industry, we are committed to reducing the impact of foodservice packaging products on the environment. By creating this educational program, we hope to provide an opportunity for students to experience dynamic learning about the foodservice packaging products they use every day.

You can check out the full educational program here and teachers can download and begin using the materials immediately.

Do you know an educator who could benefit from these materials? Please be sure to pass this along to them!

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