23rd Annual Industry Report Reveals Confidence Amid Lingering Effects of Pandemic

The Foodservice Packaging Institute’s 2022 State of the Industry Report reveals that more than 80% of foodservice packaging manufacturers and suppliers experienced growth in volume. About 30% of respondents reported profit growth, a decrease compared with 40% of respondents in 2021.

The 23rd State of the Industry Report includes input from raw material and machinery suppliers, converters, and foodservice distributors and operators. The survey looks at industry issues, such as changes to volume and profits; expansion and purchasing plans; and opportunities and challenges facing the industry, including COVID-19’s ongoing effect.

“As we continue to crawl out from COVID-19’s impact, this year’s State of the Industry Report asks both members and non-members in the industry, to share their thoughts and insights on issues that matter most to the foodservice packaging industry. Responses indicate confidence in the industry with signs of growth in both volume and profit,” said Natha Dempsey, president of the Foodservice Packaging Institute. “Based on the feedback of more than 47 organizations, the 2022 State of the Industry Report predicts a positive year for the foodservice packaging industry as we learn best practices from our experiences dealing with the pandemic and its aftermath.”

In an encouraging sign, 72% of respondents expect volume expansion and 58% expect profit growth this year. Foodservice operators who responded saw increased sales, as we move past pandemic closures and continue to see the relevance of delivery and takeout.

In the same split as in 2021, 50% of the North American manufacturer respondents reported another year of corporate expansion plans through construction of new facilities, expansion of current facilities, and mergers and acquisitions. Up from last year, 93% of North American converter respondents plan to purchase machinery in 2021.

Respondents continue to view the fast casual sector as the greatest area for market expansion. While fast casual has been seen as an area of growth in past surveys, this year’s speculation is due largely to COVID-19 and post-pandemic health and safety concerns, as continued use of take-out is expected. “It is also possible that this continuation is due to consumer habits formed during the pandemic or benefits of ordering through restaurant apps,” Dempsey adds.

Other areas, such as grocery stores and convenience stores, are also noted as opportunities for market expansion because of increased foodservice solutions and the popularity of being able to purchase grab-and-go products to eat at home.

The Economy, Geopolitics and Legislation – Oh My!

These are truly interesting times, and in our opinion, a very important time to meet in person to talk about current events that are top of mind.  FPI’s members are joining up together in Kiawah Island, South Carolina May 4-6 to do just that!

Our conference highlights are:

  • A presentation on the state of the economy and the geopolitical situations affecting it by Michael Weidokal, Executive Director, International Strategic Analysis. Michaels’ career has included forecasting global markets and developing business strategies in more than 100 markets around the world.
  • A review of the Economic Impact Study of the Foodservice Packaging Industry: this study was conducted by John Dunham & Associates. John Dunham & Associates (JDA) has built its reputation as a leader in the field of tax and regulatory economics by producing economic impact studies that are clear, concise, and effective.  This is the first such study commissioned by FPI and offers a snapshot of the foodservice packaging industry, including total jobs and wages associated, as well as taxes generated in the United States.
  • Regulatory issues in the EU – does what happen in the EU stay in the EU? Roberta Colotta, Secretary General of 360° Foodservice will break it down for us.  Carol Patterson, Vice President of Government Relations for FPI will follow up with important updates for North America.

Who hasn’t missed networking?  We have it – a wonderful opening reception out on the lawn of Cougar Point Golf Course.  Thursday’s golf tournament will be held at Kiawah Island’s Ocean Course. This one is on many bucket lists!  We’ll end Thursday with an evening catching the sunset on the upper lawn at the Ocean Course with great food, drinks and even better conversations.

Can’t make this one?  Don’t worry as we’ll have another great one coming up this fall:  November 3-4 at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans.  We are already working on the program and will have updates available soon.

Want to see what companies are attending, as well as other details?  Check out our website: https://fpi.org/conferences/spring-2022-conference/

We hope to see you in South Carolina!