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Survey Says!

Actually, that's what we need all of you to do!  Here at FPI, we are gearing up for our 19th State of the Industry Survey.  We are getting ready to ask our raw material and machinery suppliers, converters, foodservice distributors and operators to share information about the foodservice packaging industry via our annual survey.  The survey will seek to get some information about how 2017 was and what you expect this year in 2018. 

As we always do with our surveys, all the information is aggregated, so individuals and company names are kept confidential. Furthermore, every question in the body of the survey is optional and voluntary.  We know sometimes you can’t answer every question for a number of reasons, but we will happily take any and all of the responses we can get.

The request will be sent out via email in just a few days and will contain a link to our online survey.  Both FPI members and non-members are given the opportunity to participate.  For those non-members that choose to help us out, we send them a copy of the full report when it’s released– it’s the only way non-members get to see it, so we highly encourage participation!

Speaking of, the report we create from the survey is a vital one. We get all sorts of tidbits on industry growth and expansion as well as those things that are the challenges you face.  We use the information here at FPI in a number of ways and we know our members do too.  Every time we ask, the State of the Industry Report ranks highly among our member benefits. 

Want to see or need a reminder about what the report looks like?  Both the executive summary and the full report from last year are available in the "Publications and Reports" section of FPI’s Resources.  You can check it out here.
When you see the email asking for your participation, please consider sparing a few moments to fill out the survey.  Can't do it right away or need more time to get more information?  That's okay too – we give you 4 weeks to complete it.  The deadline isn't until February 23.  We do know it takes time from your busy day to take the survey, but we so appreciate it - the knowledge we gain from you is so important.  As we have mentioned before, our report will only get more valuable with more companies contributing to it.

Don't get a request to participate or want to know more?  You can always reach out to Natha Dempsey at FPI for more information.

Posted By Natha Dempsey (Vice President) | 1/23/2018 3:42:18 PM