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Foodservice Packaging Recovery

The foodservice packaging industry is committed to reducing the impact of its products on the environment and is dedicated to increasing the recovery of them.  FPI has several special interest groups that bring together the supply chain to develop and promote economically viable and sustainable recovery solutions for foodservice packaging.

  • The Paper Recovery Alliance and Plastics Recovery Group focus their efforts on getting more paper and plastic foodservice packaging recycles or composted.  They are working with communities, recycling facilities, composters and end markets to expand recovery options for these valuable materials.  To learn more, check out or read our semi-annual newsletter, found here.
  • The Foam Recycling Coalition works to get more foam polystyrene cups and containers recycled by offering grants to communities and recycling facilities interested in adding or expanding a foam recycling program.  More information may be found at

The current list of companies participating in FPI's recovery groups is below.  For more information on PRA, PRG or FRC membership, please contact Lynn Dyer.