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Inline Plastics introduces new Safe-T-Fresh RoundWare™, a new addition to Safe-T-Fresh® product line.

Inline Plastics Corp. introduces RoundWare™, the latest offering in Inline Plastics’ breakthrough Safe-T-Fresh® line of patented tamper evident products.  The single piece, 4” diameter clamshell design is coupled with Safe-T-Fresh® tamper evident, tamper resistant technology.  RoundWare™ is manufactured with patented DPET® material and has the highest clarity to ensure the contents of the container stand out.  RoundWare™ makes it simple – a single piece container with only one step to create tamper evidence and tamper resistance.  RoundWare™ is the only 4” round tamper evident, tamper resistant, hinged clamshell container offered in this market!  Available in 5 popular sizes (8, 12, 16, 24 & 32 oz), it is ideal for food processors, supermarkets, and C-stores, providing a solution without the hassle of multiple SKU’s or shrink bands.  These containers are great for Grab & Go applications, and are designed with our new SureGrip™ Technology for ease of handling and resealing.   For more information about RoundWare™,  please contact customer service at 800-826-5567 or visit
WNA expands the popular Reflections® Collection with the new Reflections® Select™ 3-piece napkin set!

Continuing a legacy of innovation, WNA introduced a new product in the Reflections® Single-Use Cutlery Collection:  Reflections® Select™ 3-Piece Cutlery Set!  The new 3-piece napkin set includes a Reflections® Select™ fork, knife & spoon tucked into a white, linen-quality pocket napkin, all pre-assembled and ready to use!  The packaging is one of the best parts! Each box has dividers to create five sections. Each section has a package/sleeve of 20 pre-assembled cutlery sets. The box configuration not only ensures safe transport, but it also makes for easy inventory control as well as hassle free grab-and-go for operators.   WNA offers a wide assortment of pre-assembled Reflections® cutlery products including cutlery kits and cutlery rolls. These ready-to-use products eliminate preparation time, reducing the high cost of labor, without compromising an upscale presentation.  Ready to use, in style!  For more information, visit, email or call 888-962-2877.


Dart introduces SafeSeal Bowls.

Dart Container is pleased to announce the introduction of SafeSeal Bowls, a line of tamper-resistant, tamper-evident bowls. SafeSeal Bowls are specifically designed to inhibit tampering, eliminating the need for shrink bands and wrap labels. The MicroTrim™ lid edge inhibits the ability to lift the lid from the base without tearing the hinge. The TamperAlert™ hinge protrudes outward when torn, and together with the "Do Not Purchase" message embossed on the lid, alert the customer that the container has been opened. The hinge remains attached to the container, for no loose plastic pieces. SafeSeal Bowls function as an easy to re-close re-open two piece container once the hinge is torn. Available in sizes ranging from 8oz-64oz, with both flat and dome lid options, SafeSeal Bowls have a 360 perimeter seal which preserves product freshness and prevents leaks and spills. Made of PET, SafeSeal Bowls have exceptional clarity and withstand temperatures down to -22°F.  For additional information, contact your Dart representative, call 800-248-5960 or visit
delfortgroup has developed a substitute for fluorocarbon treated papers with comparable OGR performance.

Produced from renewable resources, the environmentally friendly thinbarrier® OGR eco paper is both compostable and recyclable in those areas where composting and recycling facilities are available.  The coating is completely free from oil based raw materials and any substances derived from animals. Additionally, all raw materials are of GMO free origin.  This new packaging paper complies with FDA regulations for direct food contact. Perfectly made for laminated food pouches, food service bags or fast food wraps, thinbarrier® OGR eco convinces with outstanding grease-resistant barrier properties.  For more information, visit, call 434-202-7870 or email


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