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Total has developed a new grade of HDPE for thermoforming applications
Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA, Inc. has generated excitement in the sheet extrusion thermoforming (SET) market with the introduction of high density polyethylene grade 9825E. This grade is well suited for shallow draw thermoformed packaging applications in the foodservice and food packaging industries that require high rigidity and toughness. Total’s 9825E high density polyethylene delivers the stiffness needed in SET applications. The increase in stiffness gives one the opportunity to lightweight, yet still maintain the performance compared to other HDPE grades used in SET applications, or to make a product of equivalent weight, but with improved performance. Other positive attributes that 9825E offers are impact strength, chemical resistance and low water vapor transmission rate.  Total developed 9825E to be used in a broad range of thermoformed foodservice and food packaging applications.  For further information, please contact your Total sales representative or Ted Harris, Marketing Manager, at (713) 483-5246 or
Total launches a high melt strength polystyrene for extruded foam packaging

Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA, Inc. announces its new high melt strength grade of high heat crystal polystyrene for the extruded foam polystyrene sheet market. CX5237 is designed specifically for manufacturers of thermoformed foam polystyrene foodservice and food packaging products. Its improved melt strength allows for significant light weighting while maintaining packaging performance. Weight reductions of over 10% were achieved in internal testing while maintaining the same stiffness. For further information, please contact your Total sales representative or Ted Harris, Marketing Manager, (713) 483-5246 or
Inline Plastics Corp. launches new Safe-T-Fresh® SnackWare™ containers for the family on the go

Inline Plastics announces the launch of their new SnackWare™ food containers, the newest members of the company's patented breakthrough Safe-T-Fresh® line of tamper evident products that ensure product protection. Consumers want “food on the move” options at all hours of the day and the pressure is on to innovate with tasty products and enticing displays. Now a wide variety of retail locations can offer healthy combinations with the versatility these products provide. This new line of Safe-T-Fresh® products is unique in that it’s the only one piece tamper evident clamshell on the market.  Designed to be conveniently sized for grab and go snacking and picnicking, you can take SnackWare™ anywhere and be assured your food remains safeguarded from the packing process to the final destination.  The new SnackWare™ line includes 3 different sizes all with the same footprint and new SureGrip™ technology. Sizes include 1, 2 and 4 compartments to accommodate different types of food combinations.  For more information, please call (800) 826-5567 or visit


Anchor Packaging expands MicroRaves® container line

A new, two-compartment microwavable base with the fluid ounce capacity of 8 and 12 ounces, has been added to the M400 Wave Series of microwavable packages.  The M420-2 base has the same leak-resistant closure as the 16oz, 24oz and 32oz containers and incorporates the ergonomic design, reduction of petroleum-based materials, and the upscale presentation with smooth, clean lines. This new base has a high divider to segregate tastes and flavors of multiple foods and will nest into the lid below when stacked to keep the contents secure during transport. The three leak-resistant lids will fit each of the WAVE polypropylene bases.  Available in PP and RPET, the dome lids have a smooth, sleek look with wide, rib-free panels to provide an unobstructed view of the food contents and the flat RPET lid with a smooth surface is the perfect choice for portion control and low profile items.  The three lids include anti-fog technology to maximize merchandising opportunities for retailers and to eliminate takeout order errors for foodservice operators while keeping foods looking fresh and appealing. For samples and more information about these and other Anchor Packaging products, visit or contact Jon Nail at (314) 822-7800 ext. 3755,

Anchor Packaging offers more next generation tamper-evident food containers

The 8, 12, and 16-ounce Safe Pinch™ 6” x 5” Tamper-Evident Packages join the three 6” x 7” products in 20, 24, and 32-ounce sizes.  Safe Pinch™ hinged containers do not leave the user with a plastic strip or tab to dispose of, and consumers overwhelmingly prefer its simple, intuitive, one-step opening design, and large, easy-grip tab features, both deemed essential with our aging population. The intuitive, “PINCH” feature, boldly embossed on the hinge of the container, sends a clear message on how to open the package.  The audible sound and feel of the breaking hinge, as it’s pinched, let the consumer know it’s working. Visible, wide separation of the opened hinge makes it easy for store personnel or consumers, to identify tampered product. The easy to open, easy to reclose features are just a few of the many characteristics that consumers cited as what they preferred, in the SAFE PINCH™ design, versus other containers. Large, clear windows with minimal ribbing offer maximum food visibility, and the secure stackable design creates an eye-catching display. The easy to close, leak-resistant design works well in both manual and automated applications, making this product line ideal for local commissaries and food processors.  The SAFE PINCH™ packages are made with FDA approved, post-consumer recycled PETE. To view a video, for samples and more information about these and other Anchor Packaging products, visit or contact Jon Nail at (314) 822-7800 ext. 3755, 


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