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Foodservice Packaging in an "Insta"

Instagram. It’s what all the cool kids are doing — or at least where they’re going to find photos and videos of new and exciting products and to engage in a way that’s different from the other social media platforms used today. 


So, in a continued effort to connect with consumers and the general public, along with our members, we’ve decided to launch our very own Instagram account! As the leading association for the foodservice packaging industry, it’s our job to promote foodservice packaging. What better way to do it than by showing photos that highlight the benefits of single-use foodservice packaging along the latest and greatest products and features.


While we spend most of our days advocating for our members, we also get the chance to see lots of new and exciting products. We also tend to pay attention when we’re out and about to what types of foodservice packaging products are being used in different places — at a restaurant, an airport, a football game, you name it, we’re checking out the food containers. Admit it – if you’re in our industry, you do it, too!


To that end, we want to use our Instagram account to promote the many uses and versatility of foodservice packaging. Whether it’s the latest and greatest materials being used to create a take-out coffee cup, or a fancy parfait cup designed to keep granola from getting soggy, we want to highlight it on our Instagram account.


We launched our account last week with the winners of the 2017 Foodservice Package of the Year awards, but that’s only the beginning. We’ll feature #TBT posts that haven’t seen the light of day in years; showcase new and innovative products and materials; and even offer tips and images of how consumers can recycle or compost foodservice packaging!


We also want to see how consumers are using your foodservice packaging. How often do folks come across foodservice packaging in their everyday life? We’re going to guess it’s a lot more than they think. We’ll be thinking about ways to encourage new followers and increase the promotion of foodservice packaging. Have any ideas? Please let us know. As it turns out we’re an early adopter in this space… turns out many members and other associations have not yet made the leap to Insta, so we would appreciate any suggestions from the cool kids.


So, follow along with us as we enter the fun new world of Instagram! We’re @FPIHQ and can’t wait to show everyone just how great foodservice packaging is!


Posted By Jennifer Goldman (Director) | 11/14/2017 11:59:37 AM